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Woven Wood Shades are a refreshing style that really soothes the view. Reeds, grasses, bamboo with many variations. The choice of  privacy and room darkening linings make them a favorite for rooms with a need for interval privacy. The Vertiglide option is a warm look for any wide window. Price range is low to upper range.  

Faux woods are simple clean lines heavier in weight, ​unique and standard 

finishes, slat size and enhancement choices. Low to medium price range. 

Cellular Shades

Honeycomb Shades  have many variations single cell, double cell, 4 and 6 layer

Architella styles. Cell sizes vary from 3/8" ,3/4",1 1/4" in the selection. These shades are

the best of choices in areas that require an effective blackout solution.

The range of beautiful colors and textures is inspirational! Practical and beautiful .

Living is easy with this style leader.

Duette is the energy solution for light filtering or Room Darkening warmth. Price range

is low to Medium.

Applause  has light looks and offers a really unique choice made form recycled bottles.

It has a silk soft look that is a progressive favorite. Price range is low to medium


Shutters  are a timeless classic. They offer longevity and durability. Whether choosing  the traditional tilt bar on the face or the clean line truView you will enjoy the rich structural look. The added streetside enhancement and privacy is a wonderful home improvement. There are several sizes of louvers and many stains and finishes available. Natural Wood. Hybrid. and the vinyl  composition are the materials available to choose from for every possible application. The specialty shape options are practical and  an architectural beauty at its very best. Price range upper.

Verticals are available with many material options, cloth, cloth with backing,

and specialty vinyls.These are a good solution for angle top windows.

Low to medium price range. 

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Sheila Roberts in West Linn, OR on Houzz
Sheila Roberts in West Linn, OR on Houzz

Sheer Shadings

Silhouette Shades are a beautiful sheer with the louver ability of a blind. Delicate yet durable for the window that provides UV protection at its highest. Available in many textures and design options. 2 ,3 and 4 inch size slats that give a wide open view yet veiled light screen.Complete privacy combined with the maximum filtered light in a closed position. Standing alone or combined with drapery the added beauty is fantastic. Specialty window shapes are available. Upper price range.


Roller Shades are the new reinvention that has a diverse range in fabric styles,

textures, privacy and light control which are totally 21st century!

Powerise options, Attractive Valance details. Low care needed and combines

well with any era or drapery treatment. Price range medium.

Nantucket Shades function like a roller shade  yet deliver a veiled look in a single size of 3 inch. A very light texture which has privacy and sheer as well a room darkening variety. new options for specialty window shapes and the cordless style are available. Available in Powerview . Price range is medium upper. 


Classic Wood blinds are simple clean lines, have multiple choices of slat sizes.

The larger slat sizes have a wider open view, less stack, lighter weight. Smaller

slat sizes such as  1,1 1/2 inch are tighter and more slat obstruction in the view

and heavier. Natural woods are durable and  available in wide variety of classic

and new finishes. Low to medium price range.

Roman Shades

​Romans Shades  are a classic look of softly draped fabric that can be made from your choice of fabric. There are lots of styles and uses. They can be made as a short shade and used as a valance. The addition of a special lining can room darken effectively. Contemporary to traditional . The fabric use allows incredible prints to add impact and interest. Price range is medium to upper range.

Luminettes  A vertical approach to the sheer shading concept. Privacy sheers which open and close like a vertical with sheer material connecting it all. These cover a window like drapery.  Fabrics are unique textures of light muted colors that can work well in any setting. A look that really works well with the infamous picture windows of the 60's with a fresh ​elegant finish. They with every style Classic to Contemporary.

Aluminum Blinds  offerslat size choices, a wide variety of finishes and new style

options which create wider open view. Powertilt available, low stack requirements,

lightweight. Durable. Price range low to medium.

Roller Screensare available in unique textures and colors. They give you veiled

to obscured privacy levels that are practical and stylish. Light control levels and

privacy are selective. Low maintenance, pet friendly. These shades coordinate

with formal, contemporary or casual settings for a tremendous look! 

Combine view with sun control . Price range Low to medium.  

Soft Shades  are a fantastic selection.These include the Sonnette ,

Pirouettes,Vignettes.They integrate fabric looks with modern innovations. Fabric choices

andtextures combined with the ability to clear a window completely. Powerise. Casual 

to formal elegance styles. Blackout styles for theater rooms and bedrooms. Interval 

privacy sheer on Pirouettes. Price range medium to upper range. .

Skyline Panels are a new option that utilizes the coordinating fabrics that  the

roller shades and screens draw from, for a unique vertical application. Designed

with a choice of two panel width choices which overlap and evenly stack over

each other as they open. Privacy to sunscreen options to choose from. A beautiful 

window covering with all furnishing styles! Finished with an attractive low profile 

valance good solution for sliding doors room dividers and more. Price range medium

to upper range. 

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